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Penumbra, Kickstarter, and Patreon

I am kicking off this summer with a bunch of new upcoming projects, including:

  • 3 current paintings in progress… Elizabeth & Darcy, the Greenman Cat, and my newest sketch, Lady in the Garden (working title)
  • an “Alice in Wonderland” series ~ six or eight 5″x7″ paintings to be donated to the 10th annual Art for the Animals auction this fall
  • ANOTHER Alice painting for the Rabbit Hole Artist Collective auction in July …and perhaps a mermaid, too, since the dual themes are “Wonderland” and “Under the Sea”.
    Or I could do an underwater Alice mercat? ROFL!
  • TaraFly Cat Artist painting cats

    I also have another Memento Mori portrait to complete before the end of August, which will be premiering in November at Penumbra Boutique, an art gallery located in Alverca, Portugal! Pretty cool, huh?
    The owner of Penumbra Boutique is Helena Reis, a Facebook friend of mine, fellow Rabbit Hole Collective artist, and also one of the 80 artists who participated in the 78Tarot project. :)

    Speaking of 78tarot, the Kickstarter to fund our Nautical-themed deck is ending on Wednesday, June 17th.
    The deck was successfully funded within days of launching, so it *will* be published and available for retail purchase by the end of this year.
    However, there are some cool Rewards for pledging NOW while the campaign is still live! :D

    I also will be putting together my 2016 Literary Cats calendar this summer, and I may decide to run another Kickstarter to fund it, like I did last year. This year, however, I will launch it in September, because I’d like to have it published and available for purchase in my booth at festivals, beginning in early October.

    I am planning to paint a brand NEW Thanksgiving Day portrait for the calendar, and maybe another Christmas portrait as well. :)

    So BE PREPARED to be bombarded with LOTS OF CAT ARTWORK over the next several months! Hehe

    Cat paws


    This year, my focus has been on branching out and exploring new opportunities, and in the spirit of adventure, I’ve created an account on Patreon, a site which allows fans to support their favorite artists financially through donations.
    Patreon is a bit like Kickstarter, but rather than pledging a large amount for one big project, “Patrons” (as supporters are called) can pledge as little as $1.00 per month to help artists reach their goals and create more art!
    In exchange, artists give Patrons exclusive “behind-the-scenes” access to their work, including but not limited to videos, tutorials, free merchandise, and other rewards… depending on their pledge level.

    If you’ve never heard of Patreon before, I highly recommend that you check out the website, browse the featured artists and musicians, and then read their General FAQs for details on becoming a Patron of the arts. :)

    You will be hearing me mention Patreon a lot in the future, as I will be creating special content just for my patrons. Of course, I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to make a pledge. I will still share all of my artwork with the public, and although I will probably paint something specifically for my patrons to bid upon (or even to win as a giveaway!), everybody will have the opportunity to purchase prints and merchandise as usual. :)

    Patreon will be special place where my most loyal followers and collectors can feel appreciated, and have creative input over the direction I take my career. I’ve listed a few short-term and long-term goals, which Patreon calls “Milestones”, and I plan to add more as I continue to research new possibilities.

    I have already reached my first Milestone, thanks to one special Patron! I will begin working on a series of illustrations to be self-published as a hardcover book. :)

    If you are interested in supporting me on Patreon, here are the Reward Tiers I am currently offering.
    You can click directly on these Reward levels below. The links will direct you to Patreon to complete your pledge….

    Support TaraFly on Patreon
    Support Tara Fly Art on Patreon
    Support Tara Fly Cat Art on Patreon
    Support Tara Fly on Patreon

    These last two tiers have been added as a fun alternative to the typical payment schedule for portrait commissions.

    Support Tara Fly Cat Art on Patreon
    Support Tara Fly Cat Artist on Patreon

    For example, if you wanted a 16″x20″ portrait of your cat(s) dressed in costume, you would normally pay a 20% deposit, and the remaining balance could be paid in monthly installments as needed.

    With Patreon, your pledges for $50 or $100 per month will count towards your commission ~ AND ~ you’ll also receive all the fun perks of patronage: access to my exclusive Patron feed, discounts on ALL my paintings, chances to win in giveaways, and handwritten cards in the mail each month. :)

    There will only be a limited amount of these slots available.

    When your portrait is finished, you have several options: you can cancel your patronage altogether, downgrade to a lower tier (to continue getting rewards), or remain at the same pledge level with credits going towards your next commission.

    If you know that you’ll be collecting my original paintings for years to come, these commission level tiers are the perfect way to “lock in” my current prices (as of June 2015). You can commission an entire series of paintings! :)

    Whether you choose to make a monthly pledge on Patreon, pledge for a calendar on Kickstarter, visit my booth at the Carroll County Farmer’s Market, or make a purchase from me on Etsy… I want you to know that I appreciate everyone who has supported my career over the past 6 years. Hopefully you will continue to enjoy and share my artwork in the years to come, because this journey has only just begun! <3 Thank you. :)

Tara Fly

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