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It’s June, It’s June, The Rainy Month of June

…The month when every perennial plant comes bursting into bloom!

Seriously, it has rained nearly every day this month, from slight drizzles to all-day downpours that prompted flood warnings from the weather channel.

Several times my garden has transformed into a swamp, reminiscent of last July, causing me to question whether I should have been growing marsh plants instead of prairie wildflowers. LOL
Just yesterday, I was caught in a nasty squall while driving home from the Carroll County Farmer’s Market, and I arrived to find half my flowers had been flattened by the wind and rain.

Even my 9′ tall sunflowers, with stems as thick as small trees, took a pretty bad beating. I had to use PVC pipes as stakes to prop up a few of them.

My sunflower blooming

My garden has literally exploded in coneflowers overnight! LOL
I have been bemoaning the long wait before my Echinacea purpurea would bloom, ever since I planted their seeds last May. They have finally arrived in all their splendor, and I can’t get enough of them! :)

Coneflowers and hollyhocks

Hollyhocks and coneflowers

Wildflower cottage garden

Wishing Well and purple coneflowers

The wishing well was a gift from one of my neighbors, who was minimizing the decor in his own yard. He had planned to dismantle and throw it away! I was thrilled when he offered the well to me instead!
I cleared a spot in the corner of my cottage garden to showcase it, and planted hollyhocks, cosmos, and Queen Anne’s lace around it. I’ve been training morning glory vines to grow up its sides.

I love to photograph birds who perch on the well. :)

Catbirds on a wishing well.

Two catbirds perched on a wishing well.

Cats enjoy the wishing well, too! ;)
Cat on Wishing Well

The birds like to congregate around my birdbath every morning.

Red throat finch on birdbath

Bluejay taking a bath

The scenery surrounding the birdbath is ever-evolving ~ my zinnias and hosta flowers are blooming now.

Birdbath zinnia flowers hosta

The lavender poppy seeds that I tossed in the ground last summer overwintered and grew to bloom briefly this year. They lasted mere days, but were a lovely addition to my little prairie meadow corner. :)

Purple Poppies in Wildflower garden

Lavender Poppies

Lastly, I wanted to share these two videos of my garden, which were originally posted to my Instagram feed:

A video posted by Tara Fly (@tara_fly) on

A video posted by Tara Fly (@tara_fly) on

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