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Goodbye, April Showers! Hello, May Flowers!

Yes, this is another gardening post! Sorry!

I know many of you are visiting my blog looking for cat art, hehe… or you are hoping I might share my impressions of last weekend’s Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, VA.
(I loved the show, by the way! If we met at the festival, I am grateful you stopped into my booth!)

Yes, I have two paintings that I’m currently working on (one for the Rabbit Hole Artist Collective’s May themed, “Art Nouveau”… mine will be a spring inspired, flowery cat portrait, of course!

But today, I’d like to share a few more (okay, a lot more!) photographs taken in my garden over the past two weeks.
This photo was taken just this morning, from my second storey window.

Arial View of my garden in May

My purple flowering catmint is already growing and spreading everywhere; it’s almost worse than alyssum! LOL

My husband confessed that he actually missed the alyssum, and its sweet perfume that greeted him every morning and evening. Fortunately for him, I have recognized the familiar alyssum seedlings cropping up where they grew last year. The white blizzard is coming! :P

Arial view of my garden birdbath

It’s hard to believe that in May of last year, my garden was still in its infancy. I had trouble finding a comparison photograph to the recent picture above, as nothing in my garden seemed photo worthy last spring ~ but here is a shot of my old birdbath on May 26th, 2014.

Garden Birdbath May 2014

I recall last year, I had just planted my seeds on May 7th (our last frost date), and had purchased three hostas, two Jacob’s Ladder plants, and a couple of lavenders to hide the hyacinth foliage. It’s amazing how much my garden has grown in under 12 months, isn’t it?

Bleeding Heart and white daffodils

Do you remember me saying that I divided my Bleeding Heart bush last year?! I swear that I did!

It is several years old; we planted it our first summer here as renters (it was just a baby back then). I read some advice online about Bleeding Hearts needing to be divided every 3-5 years, so we chopped it in half with a shovel in late summer.
We were expecting it to be slightly scaled back this year, since it is missing part of itself.
Ummm, right?

Nope! Haha! It is still swallowing my entire corner of the garden, measuring about 5′ across at the moment, with no signs of slowing down. :P

Here is my Bleeding Heart monster …. with the tree stump trying unsuccessfully to hold it back from devouring my other plants.
Bleeding Heart monster bush

And here is the Bleeding Heart, bottom right corner, as seen from above. We might need to divide it again this year! LOL

Bleeding Heart Monster

I planted the other part on the opposite side of our sidewalk. It isn’t nearly as large as the monster in the corner, but I shudder to think it will someday grow enormous, too! :P

Second Bleeding Heart

I visited the garden center a couple of weeks ago, to get pea gravel for my dry-creek bed, and saw people buying Flowering Pink Almond bushes. Last spring, I received my Pink Almond as a gift from a friend; he just dug it up from his yard and gave it to me! It bloomed beautifully again this year in April. :)

Flowering Pink Almond

This picture, taken in late April, also shows my tiny Purple Gem Rhododendron blooming among the dying daffodils’ foliage.

Spring garden

Last autumn, I had a scare when I planted some paperwhite ziva bulbs outside (the packaging told me to!), and several of them bloomed in November! I was very happy to see that the majority of them did wait until mid-spring, blooming alongside my daffodils. :)

Paperwhites, Daffodils, Catmint, Dianthus

Paperwhite Ziva and Catmint

I am also happy to see my English Daisies returning again. I grew them from seed last spring, and they were so hardy, I had blooms in December with frost clinging to them.

English Daisies and Catmint

English Daisies, Catmint, Pansy

This is also the season when my creeping phlox groundcover bursts into blooms profusely for a short time. It looks so beautiful mixed in with the purple flowering catmint! :)

Catmint and phlox

Creeping Phlox and Catmint

Catmint and Creeping Phlox blooms

Of course, the catmint is the star of my garden at the moment… just as the alyssum was last spring. I love that it blooms practically all year long!

Purple flowering catmint

It attracts a lot of bees, too.

Bumblebee on Catmint

I have planted thousands of seeds again this year, including sunflowers, cosmos, zinnias, foxgloves, more hollyhocks, and hyacinth beans. My hollyhocks from last year have returned, as have the coneflowers I started from seed last year (hopefully they’ll bloom this year!). I’m also watching the progress of a baptisia (false indigo) and a coreopsis that I purchased last summer from a fellow vendor at the Carroll County farmer’s market.

I will probably spend Mother’s Day in my garden, as the weather is calling for zero chance of rain and temps in the 80s. Whew, it has been hot! :P

Bumblebee on catmint plant

Just a reminder for local readers:
Tomorrow is my Mother’s Day show at the Carroll County Farmer’s Market, and I’ll be in my usual winter/spring booth spot, in the second metal building.

You can see my confirmed upcoming show schedule by clicking the link. I have a couple of additional applications send out which have yet to be reviewed/accepted. I usually announce them on Facebook as soon as the acceptance letters arrive! LOL

Check back in next weekend, and I promise I’ll have more gardening photos (and artwork, too!) to share with everybody. ;)

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