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Springtime in my Little Cottage Garden

My garden in winter

It seems like yesterday when I opened my front door to the sight of my garden buried under two feet of snow;
in actuality, the photo above was taken on March 6th, one month ago. :)

In a few short weeks, we have felt the temperatures climb over 40 degrees, and witnessed the rebirth of bulbs and perennials… beginning with the crocuses that I had randomly planted in the lawn.

Purple crocuses blooming in spring

Purple crocuses are my favorites. :)

Spring crocus bulbs

Dark Purple Crocuses

Dark purple crocus flower bulbs

My daffodils have just begun to bloom.

Miniature yellow daffodils

Miniature daffodils lilyturf grass

Miniature daffodils hiding in my lilyturf ornamental grass.

My hyacinths are starting to emerge. They bloomed in mid-April last year, so they are right on time! :)

Hyacinth bud

The tulips will be next….

Tulip leaves growing in spring

Tulip leaves growing taller

The grape hyacinths that I transplanted from the wild last spring are back!

Grape hyacinths

My Montauk Daisies have started sprouting new leafy growth.

Montauk Daisies new growth

My perennial catmint plants are making a vigorous return! I grew these babies from seed last spring, and they were quick to grow and spread; their purple flowers were beautiful companions to my lavender and the infamous alyssum. The catmints were extremely hardy, remaining green throughout most of winter. The long stems eventually turned brown in late January, and I cut them back to just above ground level.
Catmint new spring growth

This looks like a hairy legged spider! It is one of my fuzzy leafed, biennial hollyhocks, returning for their final summer/fall season. I have a gazillion seeds collected from last year’s hollyhocks, which I plan to sow next month.
I think I’ll add some to my sunflower patch in the backyard, too!

Biennial hollyhock spring growth

Of course, I went a bit overboard buying seeds again this year… I ordered over 12,000 seeds!

I decided to try several annual varieties this year, as they have a long blooming period and many are self-sowing. Annuals I’m attempting to grow this year include: Sweet William Catchfly, Johnny-Jump-Ups, Virginia Stock, lemon mint, cosmos, zinnias, pansies, and Queen Anne’s Lace.

I’m also going to plant the perennial Joe-Pye weed in the backyard, along with two varieties of annual sunflowers, to make a living summer fence. :)

I started my seeds in mid-March, but as usual, I grew impatient for them to germinate, so I purchased a couple flats of dianthus and pansies to add color in the meantime.
As you can see, I really like the color purple! ;)

Purple pansy flower

Last spring, I created a garden path using old chunks of patio concrete as stepping stones. I was happy with my pathway for a short while, until I became enamoured with dry creek beds ~ how they served as practical solutions to drainage issues, and also mimicked the natural beauty of a riverbed. I collected several inspiring dry creek bed designs on Pinterest.

I would love to have an actual stream running through my garden, with a wooden bridge, but alas…. the best I could do was to dig a ditch and fill it with sand and river pebbles. ;)

digging ditch for garden path

Digging a new path through my garden.

My new dry creek bed garden path

Every morning, I marvel at how much my garden has grown in one year… and I look forward to sharing more flower pictures over the next few weeks! Happy Spring, Everybody! :)

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