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My Voodoo Cat is Finished, and a New Sketch!

January started off with a flurry of artistic activity… but when I began painting my Voodoo Priestess Cat, my expectations of finishing her in less than a week were a bit high. In fact, I believe I jinxed myself, because from that moment, circumstances seemed determined to derail me from getting that painting done.

I did manage to finish her by the 2nd of February; I scanned and shared the painting online a couple of days later. Here she is, in all her dark glory….

Voodoo Priestess Cat Painting by TaraFly

She was originally meant to be included in The Rabbit Hole Artist Collective’s January themed auction, “Inspired By a Song”. She was inspired by several songs, referencing voodoo and witchcraft, that had been floating through my head at that time… including Cole Porter’s “You Do Something To Me”.

Since she didn’t make it into the January 24th auction, I have yet to decide where and when I will post the original painting for sale. But I do have prints available on Etsy: click HERE to purchase a 5″x7″ print, and HERE to purchase an 8″x10″ print.
Other merchandise featuring my Voodoo kitty will be coming soon!

So now it is February! The Rabbit Hole Artist Collective’s auction theme for THIS month is “Gothic Fairy Tales” ~ and we have been debating just what “Gothic” means! LOL

I assumed it referred to those dark morbid fairy tales told by the Brothers Grimm, as the term seems to imply the horror genre of “Gothic Literature” popularized in the 18th and 19th centuries. A couple artists in our group suggested that it could also represent the medieval “Gothic era”, as depicted by Gothic architecture and art from the 1100-1500’s.
Needless to say, we were all very inspired by it!

I’ve already found myself testing my boundaries, creatively, and stretching my mind to reach those darker places. I had several ideas for depicting sad and tortured characters from fairy tales, and even had a working concept for a scene in Cinderella where she visits her mother’s grave, and is visited by the white bird who grants her wishes.

But I kept coming back to my favorite fairy tale: “The Colony of Cats”, which I read as a child in the Crimson Fairy Book (published in 1903).

I pictured an abandoned house, deep in the woods, surrounded by creepy fog… and shadowy cat figures prowling the grounds. I sketched a scene: a path winding through the forest, and three cats who have paused in their work to stare at you ~ the stranger who wandered into their territory.

The picture felt too busy, however, with all three cats together, so I decided to break the scene in half, with the two peasant female cats in one painting, and the bearded elderly cat in the other.

Sketch of my latest painting, Colony of Cats

I’ve started painting the background in shades of grey and mist. So my paws are crossed that this project will be finished in the next two weeks, in time for the auction, as I have another commissioned portrait to begin soon.
Keep checking my Facebook page for progress shots! :)

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