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Customizing My Prints for Gifts

Every so often, someone will ask me whether or not I can “customize” one of my prints, or other merchandise, as a gift for a friend.  My answer depends on the complexity of the request.

What examples of customization can I provide?

Adding Text: Names, Quotes, Dates, etc….

Greeting cards are a perfect example of adding custom messages. I do all my printing in-house, so I’d be more than happy to add a few personal lines inside your card.

Many people will keep greeting cards featuring my artwork, because the 5″x7″ card size fits perfectly into store-bought frames. Make the gift even more special by adding a personal message, that may be re-discovered decades later, when the card is removed from its frame. ;)

In 2014, I began adding literary quotes to my bookmarks. Although I have a large selection of ready-made bookmarks with complementary quotes, I can also create bookmarks with customer’s requests: inspirational verses, short lines of poetry, a dedication, or anniversary date.

Custom Quotes on bookmarks

I’ve had a few customer requests for names and dates to be printed directly on archival reproductions ~ to celebrate a wedding, birth, or retirement.

Simple One-Color Changes

Changing a cat’s eyes from green to blue, or changing the color of a jeweled necklace, is a simple fix with Photoshop. I can use the Color Replacement Tool to swap colors, and print the revised image for use on magnets, key-chains, bookmarks, and reproduction prints.

This technique works best with small patches of color (like cats’ eyes).  If you need the entire cat’s face or costume “re-colored”, please see below ~ “Other Additions & Changes“.

Changing cat's eye color in Photoshop

Other Additions and Changes

Of course, I do occasionally get requests for “alterations” so major that essentially they would be brand new custom portraits.  For example, you might desire a print of your cat in a Tudor costume, but none of my current paintings look anything like your kitty.

All of the merchandise that I sell features my original artwork reproduced from my acrylic paintings. In order to create magnets, cards, or prints of your cat wearing a particular costume, I would first need to paint your cat’s portrait. I can’t create a magnet using artwork that doesn’t exist yet! ;)

Please visit my Commission Portrait page for details & pricing.

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