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Gone With the Wind Cat Art, featuring Rhett Butler

I’ve completed three more paintings in my “Gone With the Wind” series for the 9th Annual “Art for the Animals” Guiding Eyes charity fundraiser. In addition to Scarlett O’Hara (seen here), I will be donating this 5″x7″ acrylic painting of Rhett Butler.

It turned out a bit darker than I anticipated, and the scanner had difficulty picking up the subtle colors. I was imagining him hiding in a corner of the library, a silent witness to that embarrassing moment where Scarlett poured out her feelings to Ashley.

Rhett Butler Cat Art by TaraFly. Gone with the Wind.

Roguish Rhett is holding a cigar, and resting his paw on a globe, because he is so “worldly”. Hehe

My other two completed portraits feature two Civil War soldiers, a grey kitty dressed in a navy blue Union uniform, and an orange tabby in Rebel Confederate colors. Both of them are holding their respective flags, which my husband pointed out was inaccurate as their uniforms mark them as Sargeants, not flag bearers. Oh well.

Union Yankee Soldier Cat Art by TaraFly.

Honestly, when I referenced the costumes using Civil War reenactment photos, I didn’t take note of their rank, but knew I wanted them to be carrying their flags in a symbolic gesture.

The grey tuxedo cat looks very somber; he almost has a haunted look in his eyes, as if he’s already seen horrible things in battle.

The ginger tabby, on the other paw, is fresh-faced and excited to be heading off to war, just as the young Southern men were in Margaret Mitchell’s novel.

Confederate Rebel Soldier Cat by TaraFly

They thought the war would be easily won, and their only worry was that it would be over too quickly and they’d miss out on any action!

Today, I will be working on Melanie Hamilton-Wilkes, and last but not least, I’ll finish with Ashley Wilkes. These portraits are due NEXT MONDAY! :O

“Art for the Animals” is hosted by Howards’ Arts and Frames, on the Dual Highway in Hagerstown, MD.

Silent bidding starts on October 11th, and ends on November 1st. If you are interested in bidding, visit Howards’ in person, and the staff will assign you a unique number. You’ll need your number when marking bids on the sheets hanging next to the artwork (which Howards so graciously frames for the event!)
In the past, they have accepted phone-in bids until the final day, but I will check again this year, and also whether bidding by proxy is allowed.

As always, prints and assorted merchandise featuring my “Gone With the Wind” series will be available. 5″x7″ prints of Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara are already in the shop here!

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