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Fields of Gold and Lace

Temperatures have started to dip, and two weeks ago, I noticed the trees were shedding golden leaves ~ although Autumn doesn’t officially begin until tomorrow. :)

My garden is hanging on, and all of my flowers continue to bloom, including the indomitable duo of alyssum and catmint, along with my lavender, hollyhocks, dianthus, cosmos and English daisies. I haven’t seen any blooms on my Montauk daisies, although they have grown substantially into small shrubs with pretty foliage.

Autumn walk in the woods

Harley and I have been enjoying our outings into the local woods at Memorial Park.

I stopped taking long walks during the hottest days of summer, when temperatures were humid and unbearable even as early as 8:00am. Now we walk through fields of gold, purple, and Queen Anne’s lace.
I took my camera along this time, and was obviously inspired by the Queen Anne’s so much that it will definitely be planted in my garden next spring.

Field of gold and Queen Anne's Lace

The stems are similar to cosmos, with tall stalks and feathery foliage, and I’ll bet the combination of the two would be spectacular! I found beautiful pictures of Queen Anne’s Lace on Pinterest, planted with Verbena bonariensis, which is another plant on my Wish List. :)

Queen Anne's Lace flowers and stems

Queen Anne’s has a long bloom time ~ from May through October ~ similar to alyssum, in fact, and I recall walking with Harley earlier in the summer and enjoying their blooms. They apparently spread as vigorously as alyssum, too. Several states have placed Queen Anne’s on the “invasive weed” list, but fortunately my state isn’t yet one of them. :P

They remind me of snowflakes dancing in the sunlight!

Queen Anne's Lace resemble snowflakes

Sadly, it is a biennial, so I would need to wait until its second year to see blooms. However, a cousin called Ammi Majus “False Queen Anne’s”, is a self-seeding annual which looks nearly identical to the original wildflower. I ought to consider the imposter instead, as my patience with slow-to-bloom plants is at straw-breaking threshold. LOL

My Wish List of “Plants to Plant” is growing longer every time I encounter something lovely, and my eyes are bigger than my garden! I’m taking a seriously motivated look at my backyard now, as I need a bigger area to host my experiments. I don’t think my neighbors (or the city) would appreciate a wildflower field growing in my tiny backyard… unless it can stay within strict perimeters and appear intentional.

The other night, I dreamed that I won the lottery, and we moved to a country farmhouse on several acres! I even remember the numbers that I played. Maybe it’s a sign. ;)

Queen Anne's Lace arching stems

[All the photographs in this post were taken by me]

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