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My Cottage Rainforest Garden

Tonight, Baltimore County is under a tornado warning, and here in the western panhandle of Maryland, we have been receiving heavy rainstorms every few hours.

My poor little cottage-garden-in-progress now resembles a wetland swamp. All that I need are a few alligators!

My Cottage Garden is a Rainforest

A muddy river flowing through an Amazon rainforest? Ah, nope, it’s just my flooded garden.

A muddy garden path flood rain

My stepping stone path has become a muddy river flowing through a jungle of garden plants.

Allysum plants and flooded garden path

I need a raft to navigate this Allysum jungle.

Even a rainstorm brings out the beauty in my garden… and I couldn’t resist getting soaked to capture a few shots.

Raining in the birdbath

Raining in the garden

Allysum, baby hosta in the rain

My tiny English Daisies are finally beginning to bloom! :)

English Daisies in rain shower

Rainstorm washes out garden path

It’s a good thing that Allysum loves to be wet!

Raining on Allysum

We have tiny lakes in the grass… with clover floating on the water surface like miniature lily-pads.

Puddle of rain in clover

Last night, sadly, a severe thunderstorm brought down our dying cherry tree. We had been discussing its removal recently, and I had researched to see whether or not it could be saved, but Mother Nature ultimately judged against our tree.

Our backyard is now a blank canvas, albeit a soggy one.
I really should incorporate a dry creek bed into my woodland plans. ;)

Roses sagging after the rain

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