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King Henry VIII Cat, and 78Tarot Update

King Henry VIII Cat, Tudor Cats Collection

I’ve finished His Majesty at last!

King Henry is an acrylic painting on a 16″x20″ stretched canvas; it is actually the FIRST 16″x20″ canvas that I’ve completed! I have several unfinished large paintings floating around the house, but until now, I’ve only managed to complete pieces sized 8″x10″ or smaller.

My next painting in progress is a commissioned portrait, and also a 16″x20″. So I considered Henry as practice! ;)

Art for the Animals just announced they’re accepting artwork, so once I finish my commission, I will begin painting 5″x7″ canvases for the charity fundraiser! They will be available for purchase via silent auction, at Howard’s Arts in Frames, on Dual Highway in Hagerstown, MD. I think I will donate six paintings this year… last year, I donated the four Wizard of Oz characters. :)

78Tarot Kickstarter 124% Funded Successfully

On July 24th, our collaborative Kickstarter Project for the 78Tarot Deck ended… successfully! Whoo hoo! We received 124% of our goal, and the Limited Edition Tarot deck will be published in September.
Our head coordinator, Kayti Welsh, has opened an Etsy shop to continue taking pre-orders for the deck.

If you still want a copy of this deck, here is your chance!

Lastly, I’ve decided to list the Tudor Wives ORIGINAL PAINTINGS on eBay, as auctions starting at $45.00 with a Buy It Now price of $100.00.

I usually start my originals at one penny, but I couldn’t bear to part with these for a lower price than I’m offering. They are among my favorite portraits and are very popular on prints, cards, magnets, and bookmarks! ;)

Henry’s first wife, Catherine of Aragon, has already been listed here. Her auction ends tomorrow night! :)

I also have a selection of popular ACEO trading card sized art prints available on eBay right now. Check out my Seller profile and find a great deal or three!

Catherine of Aragon, wife of King Henry VIII. TaraFly Cat Art.

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