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Betsy Ross Cat

Betsy Ross Cat, Tara Fly Cat Portrait.

“Betsy Ross Cat” ©TaraFly, 2014.

An acrylic painting on canvas panel, measuring 8″x10″ (25.4cm x 20.3cm).

I started painting her on July 3rd, hoping to have her completed and ready to unveil on the Fourth of July. Alas, that didn’t happen (what was I thinking?!)… and she was finished 8 days later, on the 11th.
But as this optimistic procrastinator always declares, she “is ready for NEXT year!” ;)

Betsy Ross Cat, art by Tara Fly.

I listed her on eBay, and her auction ends tomorrow night (July 17th). She is currently sitting at ONE PENNY, which is an awesome deal for an original painting!

Keep her on your Watch List, so you don’t miss the deadline. :)


I’m also finishing up King Henry VIII, and will hopefully have him finished next week. I will not be auctioning him on eBay, as he is 16″x20″ and took forever to paint! I will probably list him in my Etsy shop. After he is done, I need to paint a commissioned portrait of a Kimono Cat (also 16″x20″) which will probably take several weeks.

Prints, cards, magnets, etc. featuring Betsy Ross will be available soon. :)

78Tarot Project, 85% Funded Kickstarter

Last, and certainly not least, the 78Tarot Project on Kickstarter is heading into the home stretch! The deadline for funding is next Thursday, the 24th. As I type this, we are nearly 86% funded, with 8 days left to go! That is amazing, and I’m so thankful to everyone who is supporting our Tarot project!

Pssst, I am working on a cheesy music video, inspired by Tiffany Toland-Scott’s hilariously creepy Pasta Salad spoof ~ (she parodied the Potato Salad Kickstarter phenomenon).

I’m writing alternate lyrics to the comedic song “If I Had a Million Dollars”.

There will be creepy pasta salad, Mac ‘N’ Octopus, Dracula’s castle, and cat pirates! :)

I’m hoping to film it this weekend, so stay tuned! :D

Here is Tiffany’s masterpiece. Don’t watch in the dark… and DON’T FORGET THE CAPERS!

Tara Fly

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