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Prepping for MegaCon and Two New Cat Portraits

Three weeks til I leave for MegaCon! Arghhh!! Even though I’ve been planning and printing for weeks, I still feel behind schedule.

I have a handful of 8×10’s and 5×7’s left to print, and I haven’t even started on the larger 11×14’s that I’m hoping to bring.

Magnets and keychains are finished, and I’ve been steadily chipping away at laminated bookmarks; I still have (*gasp*) over 140 bookmarks to print yet!

I’m also bringing ACEO trading card sized prints (and selling them for $1.00 a piece, like my neighbor RAKGraphics did last year). Out of the 700+ that I plan to take, I still need to print 130.

It doesn’t sound like a terrible amount of work, and it isn’t… except that I’m juggling a handful of kids, trying to keep them amused indoors, and I’m quickly running out of paper and ink. :P

Last year, we used part of our tax return to fund my trip, and I used a bit more to purchase supplies. This year, however, with most of our money tied up in the house (to pay the upcoming property taxes and begin a few renovations)… I need to prove to myself, and my husband, that this little business of mine has LEGS.

I quit my job last August, so I can’t secretly dip into my bi-weekly paychecks anymore to keep things afloat. Each year I’ve managed to turn a profit when the taxes were done… and it has been encouraging to see my yearly income grow steadily over time. (Thank you, everyone! Your purchases really do mean the world to me!)
But now I need to take my work seriously, to buckle down and focus on numbers. Blech! Dreaded business stuff.

In early January, I looked over the previous years’ totals and set myself “sales goals” for this year; including monthly target goals and a strict expense budget.
No more dipping into my personal funds. :(

With MegaCon looming on the calendar, and the spring show season following at its heels, I’ve decided to paint a few cat portraits to list on eBay. I will use the money from these auctions to buy a few more ink cartridges. If I’m lucky, they might also help pay for the gas to drive to Florida. Last year, I spent $200.00 on gas to make the 30-hour round trip.

I’m working on a new series just for the occasion, inspired by the 1925 novel, “The Great Gatsby”, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Flappers and jazz music have been making a come-back over the last couple years, and I’m finally getting into the swing! My first two cat portraits, “Daisy Buchanan” and “Jay Gatsby” are already up for grabs on eBay.

Daisy’s auction ends this Saturday night at 8:50PM EST! She’s a gorgeous calico with a bit of mischief about her.

Daisy Buchanan Cat, art by TaraFly

I’ve decided to try something new with Gatsby, as I couldn’t decide which color/breed to make him. My husband thinks a tuxedo cat is appropriate, and obviously a tuxie looks smashing in a tux (i.e. Mr. Darcy Cat). But I keep thinking that Gatsby should be a tabby of some kind, because he was originally from a poor family, and after losing the girl of his dreams (to an arrogant, well-to-do jerk), Gatsby vowed to become rich by any means necessary to win her back. I can see him portrayed as a barn cat masquerading in a suit.

Since I was on the fence and couldn’t make a decision, I decided to list Gatsby as a CUSTOM portrait, with the auction winner deciding how Gatsby should look. Whomever wins will be able to provide a picture of their cat (or any cat they choose), and I will finish the painting per their direction! :)

Jay Gatsby Cat, painting in progress

(Click here to see Gatsby’s auction; ending this Monday night at 9:30PM EST)

I will be working on Tom, Nick, Jordan, and possibly Myrtle before I leave for Florida. I’ve also been kicking around the idea of painting “Gatsby parties”, random scenes of cat flappers dancing and drinking.
It should prove to be fun! ;)

Tara Fly

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A Crazy Cat Lady … who divides her time between painting portraits of cats dressed in period costumes, watching BBC mini-series, growing weeds and wildflowers, and baking pumpkin pies seasoned with cat hair.
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    Tara – just read this as I was grabbing the URL to your web site to send to some family cat lovers who knew Gizmo. It was meant to be – his father was a traveling man who alas met his end on our narrow country road right around the time Gizmo was born and his mom was a half wild barn cat (who we managed to get neutered after this litter of five and later become an equally beloved family pet to someone else.) Giz’s beautiful coloring and immaculate white chest gave him a distinguished air despite his humble beginnings and he was a true gentleman of a cat throughout his life. His “Daisy” passed away a few months after he did (at the young age of seven and quite literally of a broken heart.)

    Your portrait is extraordinary and you captured Gizmo heart and soul. I wish you every success in your upcoming shows and in the future – you truly have a wonderful perspective and a great gift as an artist. Thank you!

    •    Reply

      Awww, thank you for the lovely words, Karen! I’m glad you enjoy my artwork. :)
      It was an honor to immortalize Gizmo in paint; he was such a handsome kitty and the purr-fect model for Gatsby! =^,,^=

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