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‘Tis Late in the Season

Clara Cat from the Nutcracker ballet

My Christmas 2013 Design: “Clara Cat” from the Nutcracker.

Now that it is officially December, I must dig my head out of the sand… or rather, out of the frozen soon-to-be-covered-in-snow patch of earth, to consider what to do about Christmas decorations. Specifically Christmas ornaments. :)

I seem to begin these projects much too late to be useful to anyone else but me.

One of the only things I miss about my day job, aside from my Bakery Ladies, were those annoying e-mails from Corporate Office harassing reminding me about upcoming holidays and events to set displays for. You can only bury your head in the sand for so long before the store manager would find you, and call you out for not having baked 500 loaves of bread to fill the Italian/pasta sauce featured table. ;)

But there is nobody yelling at me now. I do not miss the yelling. Actually, while out running errands today, I overheard a cashier being reprimanded by her supervisor for a register mistake, right in front of me (a customer!), and I thought to myself,
“I am really blessed to be doing what I do. I wish everyone could be as blessed in their jobs.”

In my creative life, I am surrounded by constant encouragement and helpful feedback, so that when an occasional rude remark is directed my way, I find it is much easier to forgive and put into perspective.
There wasn’t much positive feedback to be found while working at Walmart.
I used to say, “If you can survive an entire shift without being yelled at by management or customers, you’re having a good day.”

Of course, I realize that my managers were, in turn, being yelled at by their managers, and so on… up the ladder it went. And I was expected to yell at my ladies, which I refused to do. Let the buck stop with me.

So anyway… back to the Christmas ornaments!!

I’ve been searching magazines and blogs for any inspiring decorations, and I finally found an idea that could feature my artwork.

I pinned this lovely ornament I found from a vintage and handcrafty Etsy shop named (appropriately) AntiqueorVintageNew.


I could just picture a lovely decoupaged ornament with my cat art in the center, surrounded by glitter glue and faux pearls.

So a trip to Michael’s Crafts was in order.

Christmas ornament supplies

Spoils from my shopping adventure!

I will be making several ornaments this week to sell at my last two Farmer’s Markets of the year. I will try to get them listed on Etsy, too, however anyone interested should check Facebook or Twitter first. There will be a limited number of them made.
So, like my magnets, grab them while you can!

The blank acrylic magnets that I use are on back-order from my US supplier until mid-December, and my stock is getting really low. If I had known they would fly so quickly, I would have ordered 200 of them last time around, instead of just 60. :P

Next year, I must send myself a nasty e-mail from my Corporate Headquarters (aka the living room)… harassing reminding myself to order as many magnets as possible.
Someone will need to yell at me about sending the e-mail, however, as after Christmas my head returns to its usual place under the ground.

Goodnight, everyone!

My Black Friday weekend sale has been extended through Monday, December 2nd, midnight EST. :)

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