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8th Annual Art for the Animals Reception

Charity Animal Art Auction

October 5th kicked off the 8th annual “Art for the Animals” charity auction hosted by Howards’ Arts and Frames, with all proceeds benefiting Guiding Eyes for the Blind.
The money raised by artwork sold at the auction helps to offset the costs of raising and training service dogs. Last year, we raised over $3,000 for Guiding Eyes. That sounds like a lot, but it costs thousands of dollars to care for each dog.

Tara Fly and Hank, the service dog

Hanging out with Hank the service dog…. Woof. Meow..

(This picture turned out so much better than the doggie-slobbering “selfie” shot I tried to capture with Hank.  He started licking all over my face exactly as the shutter clicked, and I instinctively pulled away!)

Every year, I vow to get a jump-start on this fundraiser… which begins accepting artwork in August. And every year, I wind up painting right up until the deadline. Literally, delivering the painting(s) 30 minutes before the store closes, on the final day of submissions.

This year was no exception, unfortunately. I started on my four entries one week before they were due, and spent approximately 2 days working on each of them.

Wizard of Oz Cats by Tara Fly

The theme was “Wizard of Oz”, chosen by my Facebook fans and friends. Appropriate ~ as the movie will be celebrating its 75th anniversary soon, and is cropping up everywhere from McDonald’s toys to Pez dispensers. My work usually isn’t so well-timed. LOL

I’ve bid on four paintings this year: one from a high-school artist and three from “amateur artists”… which is such a confusing category. What does “amateur” mean anyway?
A quick glance at the paintings in that group would leave little doubt that they could hold their own against the professionals.

My favorite entries for Art for the Animals

You gotta love the Creepy Ram! He has so much character!

I chose the Amateur category two years ago, when I submitted “Africat”, because I’d never been represented in a gallery or published anywhere in magazines or books. Those were requirements I felt a “professional” should have.
Last year it was suggested that I should be in the Professional category because I’m a working artist, with a customer base and regular sales. So I reluctantly switched.

Tara Fly cat art, Wizard of Oz

Two ladies were admiring my paintings when I sheepishly asked if I could get my portrait taken with my art hanging behind me. They were happy to oblique.


Art for the Animals, Howards Arts and Frames

Art for the Animals is a silent auction which will continue until Thursday the 24th of October. People may visit Howards’ Arts and Frames (located on the Dual Highway/Route 40 in Hagerstown, MD) to place bids, and phone-in bids are also accepted until Wednesday the 23rd. They can’t accept phone-in bids on the final day; all bids placed on the 24th must be in person. All bidding ends at 7:30PM on the 24th.

I encourage everyone who is in the area to stop in and check out all the talented artists! :)

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