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Why Don’t I Paint Dogs?

Not surprisingly, I get asked this question ALOT! In fact, this question might actually be tied for 1st place ~ alongside “How Did You Get Started Painting Cats?”

  • “If I can do cats, I can also do dogs, right?”
  • “If someone is willing to pay for a custom portrait, what kind of artist would say ‘no’ to earning money?”
  • “Artists should expand their portfolios, and not simply focus on one thing.”

My answers to the above:
I could, but I don’t.
It isn’t about the money.
Artist or not, I’m just a crazy cat lady who paints cats.

Many artists do paint everything and anything, whether it inspires them or is simply for practice…. including fruit bowls, flowers, city lights, oceans and lighthouses, prairie fields, people, and pets.
And if they want to earn a living, they will accept just about any commission.

But I didn’t grow up with a burning desire to become an artist.

I was a cat-obsessed girl who grew into an equally cat-obsessed woman, and decided to focus on doing something I love.

I am simply not interested in painting dogs.
I do not dislike dogs, or feel any prejudice against them, neither do I have any objection to birds, squirrels, horses, snakes, elephants, and fish.

[Artist Note: On November 5th, 2013, we adopted a pit-bull/mastiff mix from a friend… I should say, Harley adopted ME. I have since fallen head-over-paws in love with him. You can read more about Harley in this post: Crazy Cat Lady Goes to the Dogs. Perhaps I will paint him someday. =) ]

There are other artists who can paint your dog dressed in costume… in fact, pet portraits of this nature are really popular now! Lucky for me, eh? ;)

And as a measure of good faith, because I’m not a mean person, I have compiled a small list of reputable animal artists.
One of these talented folk may have just what you are looking for!

Animal Portrait Artists

1. Berkley Illustration
Artist: Ryan Berkley
Located: Portland, OR

What he does: colored pen and ink portraits of animals (including many dog breeds) dressed in suits, hats, and various clothing.

(I can tell you from personal experience, that Ryan and Lucy are very nice! Very busy, too! LOL)

2. Beaumont Studio
Artist: Olivia Beaumont
Located: Savannah, GA

What she does: oil on canvas portraits of animals (including dogs) dressed in period clothing. There are also a couple of human portraits in her shop, but animals are her main focus.

3. Old World Pet Portraits
Artist: Carol Lew
Located: Pittsfield, MA

What she does: oil portraits on canvas, in the Old World style, of many animals including dogs.

4. Poor Dog Farm
Artist: Sam Georgieff
Located: southern PA

What he does: watercolor portraits, head profiles, of “Creatures in Hats”. There are many animals and birds to pick from, and they’re so cute!

Of course, there are many, many more artists out there… and if you need additional help or have any questions, let me know in the comments below. :)

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