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Meet the Tudors… Anne, Catherine, and Jane

Jane Seymour Cat, wife of King Henry VIII. Cat Art by TaraFly

My initial sketch of Jane Seymour, third wife of King Henry VIII, and also the 3rd portrait in my Tudor Cats Collection.

It is already one month into my summer show season… things are busy around here! I’m a regular vendor at the Carroll County Farmer’s Market in Westminster, MD.
My booth is located in the kitchen building, so I get to smell all the delicious food (when I usually arrive on an empty stomach).

TaraFly's cat art booth at Carroll County Farmer's Market

I also participated in the 2nd annual Urbana Music and Arts Festival in Frederick, MD.
This year, I remembered to bring my tent… which I was proudly able to set up by myself. No burly, muscled men required. ;)

TaraFly cat art booth tent at Urbana Music & Arts Festival

4-Door Chevy packed with art show stuff

One tent, two tables, greeting card rack, and several small displays… also boxes of prints, cards, keychains, magnets, and plaques. :)

I always get a kick out of seeing my fellow vendors arriving in mini-vans and pick-up trucks, while I unpack my modest 4-door Chevy like a clown car. LOL
I do have a slight advantage because my merchandise is printed on flat pieces of paper, and doesn’t take up much space… ;)

Taking a break from my Flower Cats series, I began painting a portrait of Anne Boleyn on a stretched canvas measuring 8×10. I didn’t realize how narrow my focus had been while painting tiny ACEO cards, until holding a larger canvas in my hands. I’d also never painted pearls before. :)

Anne Boleyn Cat, painting by Tara Fly.

Anne Boleyn, the infamous mistress / 2nd wife of King Henry VIII.

I had interested festival goers stopping to watch me paint all day, several returned again and again to check on my progress. I finished 2/3 of Anne during the course of the festival.

For the following show, I worked on another 8×10 canvas ~ a portrait of Catherine of Aragon… the first wife of King Henry, whom he divorced after a scandalous break from the Catholic Church, in order to marry Anne Boleyn.
She is also wearing a dress accented with pearls.

Catherine of Aragon, wife of King Henry VIII. TaraFly Cat Art.

Continuing in the Tudor Cats Collection (as I’ve decided to paint all six wives, and Henry himself… and perhaps Mary and Elizabeth, too!) … I am now working on his third wife, Jane Seymour. She is also wearing a ton of pearls. I’m getting tired of painting them, but it seems that pearls were very popular in Tudor jewelry. ;)

Jane Seymour Cat, painting in progress

Watch for them to be listed in the Original Paintings section of my Etsy shop.
I also have greeting cards, bookmarks, magnets, keychains, and prints available to purchase featuring both Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon…. although I haven’t uploaded them to Etsy yet. (I still have hundreds of items to photograph and list! Whew!) I will be making announcements on Facebook as I get items listed, or you can simply e-mail me with your request. :)

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