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Magnets, and Keychains, and ACEOs, Oh My!

Flower Cat Painting, Goth Portrait, Amaranthus by TaraFly

My summer season at the Westminster Farmer’s Market begins on June 15th ~ next Saturday! And naturally, I’ve waited until June to prepare. In my defense, there are still plenty of prints and cards left over from my insane prepping for Megacon back in March.

However, I’ve been painting little ACEO cards, and selling them on eBay ~ so I needed to create greeting cards, prints, and plaques of each new portrait in my Flower Cats series, inspired by the Victorian language of flowers.
(I still haven’t come up with an official title for this collection, so I guess “Flower Cats” IS the official title! LOL)

Edelweiss, Grey Cat wearing British Artillery Uniform

The 10th painting in my Flower Cat ACEO series: Edelweiss, in his British artillery uniform. He is the first of three male cat portraits.

This past week has felt like Christmas, with packages of ink and supplies arriving daily. Even my kids are getting excited when the doorbell rings, and Daddy returns with another brown parcel.

At first, Mia an Jacob assumed he had purchased something special for them… as my husband loves to shop for bargain toys on eBay…. but now they are now asking, “Is that for Mommy? Mommy, what did you get this time?” heehee :)

I was especially excited to receive Monday’s shipment…. a case of acrylic blank magnets!

I’ve been wanting to sell magnets for awhile, and last summer I experimented with wood discs and varnish… an idea taken from my popular plaques.  While they look alright, and I still use the prototypes every day on my fridge… I wanted something a bit fancier and more durable. 
I liked the snazzy acrylic magnets that my artist-friends were selling, so I searched for a supplier online and finally found one that suited my style.

Regency cat magnet, cat art portrait by Tara Fly

“Chrysanthemum” is the 9th portrait in my Flower Cats series.

These nice large magnets showcase my artwork like a miniature art gallery on your fridge. They are gorgeous, nearly as large as my ACEO cards. The prints inside measure 2.5″ x 3.25″.

This company also sells large acrylic key-chains, which I love! Both key-chains and magnets will be available this summer at my booth. :)

Goth silver tabby cat portrait by Tara Fly

Magnet and key-chain featuring “Amaranthus”, my 8th Flower Cat portrait.

On Tuesday, my re-order of greeting card envelopes arrived. I sell a lot of “boardwalk blue” envelopes with my cards; I only had two blue envelopes left!
In addition to my blue, cream, gold, brown, and rose colored envelopes… I decided to try a new color: wisteria purple!
Mrs Bennet Cat was pleased to find that the purple envelope complements her gown.

Yesterday, 27 sheets with over 200 ACEO prints were delivered ~ very speedily, too, as I’d ordered them on Sunday evening! The family-owned lab offers traditional photo prints and Giclee art reproductions on canvas and velvet paper. I wanted to test their quality as a back-up source for prints, in case my printer decides to throw fits again.

The good news: they were beautifully reproduced, and I couldn’t tell the difference between the prints and the image(s) on my monitor. They work with the sRGB color-space, which was a huge selling point for me, because I wasn’t looking forward to converting all my files to CMYK format, which seriously desaturates my vivid colors.
The best news: I wasn’t expecting them until next Monday, so I was over-the-moon excited to get my prints in THREE DAYS!

Today’s package was utilitarian, but the 500 extra cellophane sleeves for storing 5″x7″ greeting cards and prints were definitely needed.

I can’t wait until tomorrow to find a new surprise in the mailbox!


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    Sharon Kilpatrick December 10, 2014 at 2:22 am

    I have been searching for the exact clear magnet you found. I am also an artist (Happitude). Can you tell me where I can order. I’ve spent hours and hours over several days – maybe I just am not using the right key words.

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