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On the First Day of Christmas, my True Love Gave to Me….

A Viking Cat in a …..TARDIS?

This dapper young feline bears a striking resemblance to a time-traveling doctor:

Dr Who Cat, dressed like Matt Smith, time-traveling in TARDIS

The lady who commissioned this piece asked me to paint Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” as the background, in reference to the episode “Vincent and the Doctor”.
I was flattered that someone would think me capable of recreating a famous painting. LOL

I had something nearly finished to publish here on December 17th, but it was quite depressing for a Christmas post…. as I was experiencing “the winter blues”; depressed and anxious, dreading each day, alluding to various stresses we’ve been dealing with (without mentioning details), grieving over lost children I never knew, and of course, making a few sarcastic references to The End of The World.

After two early appearances in December at the Westminster Farmer’s Market…

Tara Fly painting at art show

… I spent the latter half of this month buried under a mountain of blankets, eating comfort foods (lots of homemade pumpkin pie), and watching pre-recorded episodes of Glee.
Oh, and working on commissioned portraits that I’d assured customers would be ready by Christmas. :P

A Viking Warrior Cat on-board his long-ship, crossing the dark ocean to conquer new lands:

Viking Cat portrait, sailing on longship

This fella is Angus McMeowd ….a.k.a. Otis the tabby, named after “Big Otis”, a fictional character on the cover of Kellogg’s OKs cereal boxes in the 1960’s.
I “borrowed” the Scotsman’s costume to dress this handsome boy. ;)

red tabby cat scottish wearing kilt playing bagpipes

And here is a new portrait of a beautiful Bengal kitty as a Redcoat soldier:

portrait of a redcoat soldier cat holding musket

As far as Christmas goes, it was a small quiet affair; just Joe, myself, and the kids.
He surprised me by bringing the Christmas tree down from the attic on Thanksgiving!

Tara Fly's Christmas Tree

I don’t really collect fancy or expensive ornaments (although someday I may), preferring to use whatever we have on-hand.

Christmas tree decorations, balls, garland, icicles

This year, we made paper-chain garland to string around the tree.

Santa Cat Ornament and paper garland on our Christmas tree

I hung leftover cat art ornaments from my craft shows…. and we filled in the gaps with pine-cones.

Christmas tree, paper garland, pinecone

It was a simple and fun tree, and I think, really captured who we are as a family. :)

Mia and DIY Christmas tree decorations

Oh… and I’ll share one brief encounter that brightened one of my otherwise hectic work-days:

While setting up a cookie display in our bakery, a family passed by…
and I overheard the little boy asking his mother whether we made our Christmas tree cookies using real Christmas trees!

I wanted very much to reply,
“Why, yes! In fact, we use actual pine sap in our secret recipe.
They taste just like real trees!

Yummmm nom nomnom. ;)


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