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A Perfect Autumn Day in Pictures

Autumn Leaves at the Park

The weather was glorious this weekend… bright sunshine, fresh autumn air, and a balmy temperature of 63 degrees. Since Lydia and I spent the majority of Saturday indoors at the Westminster Farmer’s Market, I could hardly say “no” when the kids asked to go to the park on Sunday.

TaraFly pulling children in red wagon

We set off in our little red wagon, and I carried along my “paint basket” ~ actually a Sterilite shower caddy ~ to work on my latest portrait of an Angel Cat.

Tara Fly taking kids to the park in little red wagon

Lydia followed behind us, taking pictures of me pulling the wagon. I had forgotten to bring extra lenses, so she had to practice with the telescope lens already on the camera.

Of course, when we arrived at the park, I spent more time photographing the kids playing, and pushing Jacob on the swing, than working on my cat painting.

Cat Angel Painting in progress by Tara Fly

Kids playing on merry-go-round at the park

Many of the birch trees were already stripped bare, thanks in part to Hurricane Sandy’s 70+ MPH winds on October 30th.
The ground was covered in a thick blanket of crunchy leaves, which the girls wasted little time jumping into… and starting a leaf throwing fight.

Girls playing in a pile of autumn leaves

They took turns burying each other….

Girls playing in fall leaves

Autumn trees in afternoon sunlight

The effects of Sandy were evident, with fallen and chopped trees lying everywhere.

Lydia, a bare-footed wood nymph, feigning sleep upon one large trunk.

Girl sleeping on fallen tree

We weren’t the only family enjoying the beautiful day. A large group was celebrating a child’s birthday at the park, and my kids were excited to mingle with kids their own age.

Jacob in particular was drawn to a 3-year-old girl dressed in iridescent fairy wings. They fluttered from swing-set to monkey-bars to merry-go-round like a pair of moths.
I would have taken a few shots of them together, but I wasn’t sure if the girl’s mother would appreciate my posting her daughter’s picture here online.

There will be opportunities later when Jacob begins dating in earnest. :P

Boy inside a tunnel slide

My curious sweetheart, in need of a haircut, is asking me to read aloud the graffiti scrawled into the tunnel slide…. “Exit Here” seemed appropriate.

When the other group of children were called into the pavilion for “cake and pizza”, it was our cue to pack up and begin the trek back home.

With a promise from Mommy that there would be cake and pizza for our dinner, too! ;)

TaraFly and kids returning home from park in red wagon

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