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When Expensive Printers Decide To Quit Working…

TaraFly's rage against the printer machine
My printer and I aren’t on speaking terms at the moment.

He started it with his refusal to recognize any of the ink cartridges I’d been purchasing.

They are genuine Epson ink cartridges (eight of them) … as I tried to explain to Epson’s support technician, the unfortunate mediator in our dispute.

“But are they genuine Epson inks?”

“Yes, they are genuine….” as I rattled off the product numbers: Light Magenta T096620, Matte Black T096820, Cyan…. Yet again.

“You probably received a defective cartridge. Give me the product number and I’ll send a replacement.”


Not a girl to argue getting free ink in the mail, however, I had to point out the obvious flaw in his conclusion.

“They can’t ALL be defective!? All eight of them?!”

Plus the extra two full cartridges ~ cyan and yellow ~ that I replaced… to see if a brand new cartridge might be recognized. Which they weren’t

My fickle printer was humming merrily along last week, printing with those same cartridges, many of which were more than halfway full.
Today my ink isn’t good enough for him.

I’m referring to him as a male, because all of my pleading and tears are getting me nowhere. I might as well be talking to a wall, or other inanimate object … not this ill-tempered curmudgeon that gets a sadistic satisfaction in ignoring me.

I would quip about the ink being greener, but I’d have to purchase a $2,000 Epson 4900 for the privilege of using genuine green and orange inks. My printer, if he ever decides to print again, will have to be content with mixing his cyans and yellow ink together. :OP

His defiance could not be more troublesome, as I’m scheduled to participate in Westminster’s fall Farmer’s Market in two weeks.
I need to begin re-stocking my greeting cards ~ I had planned to increase my supply, and include boxed sets this time around. And I wanted to continue experimenting with Christmas ornaments, because I haven’t developed a prototype that I’m completely satisfied with.

And I was going to print a few calendars, and a few more framed prints, and…. *sigh*

I’m not aware of any local printers who do archival printing, and the online companies I’ve dealt with in the past are slow to process and ship.

I do have extra oval and circular 3″ prints for making plaques… I went crazy printing sheets of them over the summer. Thank God!
And there are a million bookmarks still awaiting lamination.

Orange Cat lace plaque, Cat  Wearing Victorian Hat

I’ve been adding ribbons and lace for more feminine plaques.

Greeting cards, however, seem to be the bane of my business relationship.

When my printer went haywire over the summer, he began spitting out images with thick black stripes on the reverse side. The bars of black ink weren’t visible from the front, so it wasn’t too problematic for framed and matted prints…. but the backside of a printed greeting card becomes the inside of the card.

We went through over a hundred printed pages before the lines finally faded away.

And now this…. this rebellion.

If I had an extra $550 lying around, I would replace him. :P

But if he starts working, all is forgiven. I will always take him back.

We have a genuine love-hate relationship.

Right now, I’m leaning towards hate. I want to unplug him, and stick him in the closet. Waaaay in the back, buried under the reindeer nightgown.

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