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Art For the Animals Charity Auction, Part Two

Duke and Duchess Cat Paintings by Tara Fly

May I introduce you to His Grace, the Duke of Welfurrd, and his wife, the Duchess of Welfurrd.

(Well-furred, get it??)

They are my entries this year for the 7th annual Art For the Animals, to raise money for Guiding Eyes for the Blind.
Last year, my AfriCat painting went for $40.00 at auction, with all the proceeds donated to the charity.

All entries must be 5″x7″. Howards’ Arts and Frames (the host of the fundraiser) professionally frames each piece, and all artwork will be on display from Saturday, October 6th through Thursday, October 25th.

Visitors to the store may bid on paintings (each piece has a sheet of paper attached for written bids) and vote on their favorites. The winning bidders will be determined on the 25th, where the artists receiving the most popular votes will also be awarded at their closing ceremony.

Last year, I entered the competition literally at the 11th hour… and spent 6 hours total on the project. (You can watch me painting Africat in this 2-part video)
Howards was kind enough to extend the deadline for a few late entries like mine. :P

I promised myself that I’d be on the ball this time… I even planned to do a few canvases. But again, I was distracted by other shiny things… and passed the billboard signage without a second glance.
Until last weekend.

Slapping my hand to my forehead, and turning the car around, I went back and picked up two canvases.
My week was already super-busy (a bakery dept. inventory scheduled, long hours, etc…) or I might’ve felt ambitious enough to grab several.

As it was, I worked on these two Baroque-style cat portraits off and on throughout the week, completing 80% of them before the 29th; i.e. their deadline.

Baroque style cat portraits by Tara Fly

Halfway finished on the 26th ~ one of the only work-in-progress shots available.

I put the final stroke on the Duke’s fur at 4:00PM on Saturday, and let them dry for an hour.

The second coat of varnish was still drying, and tacky to the touch, when I rolled into Howards’ parking-lot at 5:55PM.
And yep, you guessed it. They close at 6:00PM. :P

The door was still open, the clerk was counting register receipts, and I casually strolled up and laid my two nearly-dry felines on the counter.

The framer, Andrew, looked them over carefully and pronounced them “Very cool”.

He also shared a secret ~ Quite a few paintings were arriving tacky with drying varnish.

I wasn’t the only procrastinator, eh?
In fact, out of the 194 entries they received ~ 20 more than last year ~ 58 of them were handed in that very afternoon! LOL!

At this point, I’m unsure if phone-in bids will be accepted this year… I’ve heard both yes and no. I will post the auction details as I learn more.

If you do not live locally, and are unable to bid on the paintings themselves, I will also be making prints available on Etsy soon. I’ve already printed up some greeting cards and bookmarks (and they’re really cute!)… and I’m waiting on a nice, sunny day when I have time to photograph them.
Perhaps I’ll sneak away from work on my lunch break tomorrow.

So now that the excitement of a last-minute deadline is past, it’s back to the studio to finish the two commissioned portraits whose owners are waiting very patiently. :)

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