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We Painted Rocks For Easter

Easter bunny, basket, and painted rainbow rocks

[pullquote]Matthew 28:2
“…for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door…”[/pullquote]

This Easter, instead of participating in the traditional egg hunt, and coloring a couple dozen hard-boiled eggs, we decided to paint rocks.

You might attribute some Biblical symbolism to rock-painting, however it was mainly due to my unwillingness to make a large bowl of egg-salad. LOL
Dyed eggs have to be boiled and eaten, eventually, or else they’ll be wasted…. and I prefer my eggs raw for baking sweets! ;)

These rocks will be lasting tokens of our Easter memories, and can function as home accents, bookends, votive holders, paper weights…. argued my logical side.
On an emotional level, I’ve always been in love with the shape, weight, and texture of natural rocks.

But these rocks wouldn’t stay “natural” for long! Heehee

We began our Easter afternoon with a “rock hunt” at the local park…

Easter baskets resting on tree stump in grass

My three kids carrying their Easter baskets
Looking back, we should have taken a road trip to the nearest river for smooth egg-shaped stones, but they were in a hurry to get home and paint them!

We took our three-baskets-full upstairs to my art studio, where I’d covered the carpet with plastic bags. I’d considered using cloth, but was afraid the drying paint would “glue” the rocks to the fabric….

Painting a purple Easter rock

They borrowed a few of my old brushes, and bottles of FolkArt Outdoor weather-proof craft paint.

Children painting rocks with acrylics

Daughter painting a rock, and her face!

Mia also decided to paint her face! Fortunately, it washed off with soap and water…

Finger painting with acrylics

Finger painting on rocks

Lydia abandoned her brush, and opted for “hands-on” application.

Lydia finger-painting on a rock with acrylic paint

Jacob lost his patience with the painting process early on, deserting us in favor of “Man Time” with Daddy: playing video-games. :OP

We let them dry for a couple of hours, then placed them inside one of the Easter baskets for display.

Easter basket with colorful, painted rocks

[Three days after Easter, the rocks have assimilated into their “toy” collection… to be found, and stepped on, all over the house.
You can’t do that with real eggs!!! :P ]

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