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Following In Her Footsteps

Graveyard in Funkstown, MD. Photo by Lydia Jenkinson

“Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice….”

~ Robert Frost

We’ve had an unusually hot March this year, with temperatures reaching the low 80s, prompting me to wonder why we haven’t encouraged that poor old Groundhog to retire.
With his prediction of continuing winter (What winter?? One measly dusting of snow that melted within 24 hours?), he has proven over the last 126 years that he knows next to nothing about the relation between his shadow and the extended weather forecast.

Let him move to Florida, where they rarely experience a winter snowstorm… but rainshowers happen like clockwork every afternoon at 4:00PM.

Hyacinth blooms, photography by Lydia Jenkinson.

All I know is that cats are terrible at predicting weather, or else they wouldn’t stand at the door begging to go outside, only to change their minds when their feet get a little wet. :P

We’ve been anxious to enjoy the warm weather, and Joe was excited for an opportunity to take more photographs once nature began turning shades of green ~ we had already covered nearly every bare tree and patch of earth in town.
Usually we plan our outings as a family, take the kids to the park, or a scenic road trip.

Magnolia tree blossoms. Photo by Lydia Jenkinson, age 9.

Last weekend, though, I agreed to let Lydia accompany me on a walk through town ~ just the two of us, while her siblings remained at home with Dad.

She brought along our Pentax istDL, and I used Joe’s new camera, a Pentax K-7. We remained within the Pentax family mainly to share the lenses that he has collected over the years.

Lydia Jenkinson photographing a tree

We took over 700 pictures between us, many of them were nearly identical, although it was really interesting to see how she interpreted her surroundings in ways very different from mine.

American Flag, cloudy sky, and house. Photo by Lydia Jenkinson.

Rocking chair on front porch. Photo by Lydia Jenkinson.

She found a piece of discarded pink chalk on the sidewalk, and arranged her own still-life.

Flower, heart, love. Photograph by Lydia Jenkinson.

Although we started out with me leading the way, and giving her a few pointers… oftentimes I found myself following in her footsteps, trying to see whatever it was that she saw.

Macro shot of flowers, photo by Lydia Jenkinson.

We even captured each other in our shots… occasionally on purpose, usually by accident.

Tara Fly in Funkstown graveyard.

Lydia has been watching my progress with on-line selling with increasing fascination… and has often asked whether she can open an Etsy shop with my help.
I hate to tell her “no”, although I’m stretched thin between trying to work on my own projects and helping Joe to manage his.

She does have potential, like many children do, with that innocent and untrained way of seeing things. And teaching her the basic skills required to sell artwork, manage money, and handle customer relations would benefit her a great deal in the future.

Wildflowers, photograph by Lydia Jenkinson.

It’s either this… or a lemonade stand. ;)

[Mom’s note: ALL photographs featured in this post, with the exception of the 4th photo, were taken by Lydia Jenkinson, aged 9. Her mother is very proud of her.]


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    Those photos truly are beautiful. Hope you can figure out a way to encourage her gifts until the time is ripe for her own business venture!

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      Thanks! :) I’ve been toying with the idea of including her photographs in our TaraFlyPhotography project, changing the shop’s description to reflect the involvement of our entire family.
      That way, she could get the benefit of feedback from admirers, potentially sell some prints, and see how the process works…. but without the hassle of running yet another Etsy shop. LOL

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