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A Valentine’s Day Giveaway ~ Win a Free 8×10 Matted Print!

Regency Cat greeting card, Jane Bennet Cat by Tara Fly

I haven’t forgotten that Valentine’s Day is this Tuesday… even though I haven’t been actively promoting my work lately.

A quick remedy: a framed print of Mr. Darcy Cat would make a cute Valentine’s Day gift, especially in the company of a beautiful greeting card (like Miss Jane Bennet above) from my Etsy shop.

Mr Darcy Tuxedo Cat, Regency Cat Art by Tara Fly

But I’m feeling generous towards the online community after winning two blog giveaways:
Cat’s Pride sent me a box of their Fresh’n’Light cat litter and a Petsmart gift-card, AND donated 150 lbs. of litter to my local animal shelter…
Also, I won a copy of “Willoughby’s Return” (a Sense and Sensibility sequel written by Jane Odiwe) through a giveaway on Laurel Anne’s blog….
(I’m waiting until after I finish HP & the Deathly Hallows, which will be shortly, to begin reading it)

On a side note: It will be so refreshing to revisit the admirable Colonel Brandon, after suffering through the duplicitous Snape, both of whom always take the guise of Alan Rickman in my mind. LOL

I was delighted to learn that a historical romance author, Linda Anne Wulf, used a photograph of me on the cover of her latest book, “Heart of the Hunter”.

TaraFly dressed in medieval dress stock photography

This was an image taken in 2008, during one of my Medieval photo-shoots with Joe, at Hagerstown City Park. It had been gathering dust in my Deviantart stock model account, which I haven’t updated in years… when Linda’s cover designer chanced upon it.
Although I don’t generally read romance novels, I plan to make an exception just this once. ;)

But you would rather hear about this Giveaway of mine, right?

Alright… it’s quite simple really.

Giveaway Details

I am offering (1) 8″x10″ print ~ the WINNER’S CHOICE ~ in a coordinating mat measuring 11″x14″. The winner will need to supply their own 11″x14″ frame, as shipping glass safely gives me headaches. LOL

Cat Art by Tara Fly, matted art prints

Examples: AfriCat, Elizabeth Bennet, Mrs Bennet Cat, and Gossip Girls

In order to qualify, simply visit my Etsy shop to browse the available prints, then leave a comment below stating which print you’d like to win …and why.

Maybe you need a gift for your mother-in-law who loves cats, and one of my portraits looks identical to hers?
Does one of my cat characters remind you of a childhood pet?
I love to hear your cat stories!

The deadline is February 14th ~ Valentine’s Day ~ at 11:59PM PT. On Wednesday morning (2/15) I’ll announce the winner here on my blog, who will be selected via a random number generator.
Please leave an e-mail address with your comment, so I will be able to notify the winner.

Note: This contest is now closed.
Congratulations, Ginger! You will be receiving a matted print of Jane Bennet ~ Autumn at Longbourn. :)


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    Thank you so much! I will adore her always!

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    Ok, so I thought I would enter. I’d like to win Africat as a gift to my Valentine, jason because she reminds me of his favorite cat, Star. Star and I didn’t always get along. I think she wanted Jason all to herself. She often “dive bombed” me, to use Jason’s words, jumping onto my head all the way from the top of his wardrobe when I was sleeping beside him. She also thought it was great fun to attempt sitting on my plate whenever Jason and I ate together. Despite our sometimes less than warm feelings toward each other, we were actually united in both loving and being completely devoted to Jason. Star passed away a couple years ago, and I know she left a great void in Jason’s life. Strangely enough, I miss her, too. I can look back on our squabbles and smile now; I respect her for loving Jason with all her heart, just like I do.

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    Tara I love your art of kitties! So unique and lovely! My fav is
    White Cat in Regency Dress, Jane Bennet Autumn at Longbourn, Limited Edition Cat Art. She is just soooo pretty! Love her!

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    I love all of your artwork since I am a jane Austen fan & adore kitties. Your Mr. Darcy cat is my fave >^..^<

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    I would love Mr Bennett Cat. He looks so thoughtful while reading his book. I have always loved to read.

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