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365 Days of Love, and Giveaway Winner Announced

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Today, on February 15th, is the day we ought to celebrate Valentine’s… considering every store has discounted their candy and themed merchandise:
I love you, snookums, and look! I bought twice as much chocolate/flowers/stuffed animals to prove it! Heehee

A Facebook friend reminded me that the ancient Romans did, in fact, celebrate a fertility festival ~ Lupercalia ~ on the 15th of February, and suggested we start a movement to restore “The Old Ways”… of course, with the obvious advantage of clearance candy! Yummmmm.
But why stop there? We could also push Christmas Eve back to the 26th, and go Trick-or-Treating on November 1st.

Or we could avoid the commercialism altogether by baking sweets and presenting handmade gifts! Joe made me a heart-shaped cake last night. :)

Better yet is to make a personal commitment to treat every day like “Valentine’s Day”
~ making the effort to live in a loving manner and showing appreciation for others all the time. 365 Days of Love.
Being a thoughtful and caring partner is much better than using flowers and jewelry to replace genuine feelings.

Forget the over-the-top, gooey-romantic stuff… personally, I’d rather receive a handpicked wildflower bouquet when I’m least expecting one, and not because the calendar and retail gods demand a love offering.

hand picked bouquet of violets, clover, wildflowers

One of the reasons why I love my children's innocence....

Today, on February 15th, I’m also pleased to announce that Ginger has won my Giveaway contest! She will be receiving an 8″x10″ matted print of Jane Bennet Cat.
I really appreciate everyone who visited and commented here on my blog over the weekend; I hope you have a wonderful week! xoxo

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