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Hello Irene, Good-bye Summer….

A photographic study of our shared maple tree...

It is 10:30PM, as I sit at my desk, typing this blog post which won’t be published for a few more hours….

I spent the entire day cleaning up after a trio of tiny hurricanes that ravaged my house, but all is quiet here as the real Hurricane Irene is descending upon the Capital region. Although Governor O’Malley has declared Maryland in a State of Emergency, we are fortunately located about 70 miles west of Washington D.C. in the panhandle.

Our local forecast calls for a rain-shower overnight, and wind gusts up to 35 mph… which according to this Beaufort Wind Scale chart is classified as a moderate gale, meaning we most likely won’t experience any fallen trees or power loss.

So while I’m keeping all of my Baltimore, Delaware, and Virginian friends in my thoughts and prayers tonight, including the thousands of people who have been evacuated and may have already lost their homes to the storm…
I also oddly find myself reflecting on this past summer; the trips to the park, Lydia’s birthday, the Civil War re-enactment in Funkstown, the Guten Tag gift-shoppe, the good and bad news we’ve received, and my crazy wonderful group of online friends who keep me inspired.

Sifting through folders of family photos, I realized there have been so many moments I haven’t shared with you:

Barefoot dancing in the grass

Mia dancing barefooted in the summer grass....

Dominic, our black tuxedo cat, standing at backyard gate

Last day of freedom for Dominic, who is now strictly an indoor cat.

I took this picture of Dominic one day before our cat-loathing neighbor declared his mission to capture every “stray” cat who crossed his path… (including pets who might venture into his yard). He set up ASPCA-borrowed traps around his backyard, and bragged to everyone about catching 10 cats in less than a month.

Dominic and Merlin have been sentenced to life indoors …indefinitely.

brick walk and park bench in the afternoon

Pangborn Park bench photo, taken by me, during one of our family trips....


Photographic study of flowers

A wild rose bush at Pangborn Park in Hagerstown

Morning glory blossoms closed in the afternoon light

I love how dreamy this photo turned out... very few adjustments were made, besides cropping

boy and duck watching each other in the grass

Jacob and the duck regard each other... one curious, the other cautious

A Civil War Re-enactment camp in Funkstown Memorial park

We spent one Saturday in July at the Funkstown Memorial Park, experiencing games, face-painting, craft stalls, and best of all – the Civil War re-enactment of “The Battle of Funkstown”. We were able to tour the period campsite and take lots of photos, a few of which I have uploaded to Flickr.

I had planned to write an entire blog post about the history of Funkstown, and it’s part during the Civil War between the states… but I never got around to it. :(

Firing cannon during Civil War re-enactment in Funkstown, MD

Firing rifles during Civil War re-enactment in Funkstown, MD

Little boy on the battlefield, Civil War re-enactment

Lydia getting her face painted

Lydia, who officially turned nine this summer, getting her face painted.

Children sitting in the front driver's seat of their parents' car

And finally… Jacob received his learner’s permit to drive, and couldn’t wait to borrow Daddy’s wheels and take his sister for a spin…..

Okay, this last picture was just a joke. However, summer has blown past me like a 115 mph hurricane…. and my children are growing up just as quickly.
It wouldn’t surprise me if Jacob and Mia decide to attend their high-school prom next year, and I’ll have to photograph them all dressed up, arms around their dates. *sigh*

Well, I’m going to bed. Goodnight Summer…. and say “Hello” to Irene for me, when she gets here.

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