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End of Summer Sale – Original Art is 50% OFF

Warrior Maiden Cat painting and reproduction print, art by TaraFly

Last Friday I began running a “Quiet Art Sale” in my Etsy shop… which roughly translates into: I haven’t gotten around to actively promoting it. LOL

My sale runs through August 31st – all original pieces will be marked 50% Off by using the coupon code: 50ART during check-out.

After long and careful thought, I’ve decided to close my Zen Cart art shop (due to my own inactivity) and  re-list my original paintings on Etsy – past, present, and future pieces… until further notice.

I’ve been suffering from multi-tasking syndrome… I simply cannot divide my attention between a gazillion different shops anymore, and my own website shop was suffering the worst of my neglect.

Despite all the noise I made (over a year ago) about quitting Etsy, I have to concede most of my sales come from my Etsy shop, so I will incorporate their platform back into my plans, and try to take advantage of everything Etsy has to offer.

I still have a few of my older works left, which I’d like to clear out of my storage closet. If they don’t sell on clearance in the next few months, after Christmas I will most likely re-paint over them.

Black cat pixie on rooftop, canvas panel acrylic painting by TaraFly

Second Star ~ inspired by Peter Pan and pixie dust. (2009).

They are mainly stretched canvases and canvas panels, so I can breathe new life into them with a fresh layer of paint.
Just like artists have been doing for centuries. ;)

I’ve also put my newest pieces temporarily on sale, to give people a chance to grab them before the holiday season begins.

At the time of this blog posting, I have 5 originals listed in the shop:

All of these were completed in 2011.

I also have a few paintings left to add to the shop, which I will be listing this week:
They include “Madonna Cat” (2011), “Medieval Priest” (2009), “Second Star” (2009), and my original Regency lady cat, “Sitting in the Shade” (2009).

Regency Cat Lady painting by artist TaraFly

"To sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure..."

The year 2010 seemed to be my “digital art” year… I only painted a couple of acrylic portraits, which have already been sold.

I really appreciate every single person who has purchased artwork from me over the last two years…
whether a tiny ACEO print or a large stretched canvas, every penny of profit that I didn’t donate to a charitable cause has helped to make life easier for myself and my family.

Sometimes when I’m standing in the check-out line of a commercial retailer, I look around me and wonder where my money is going:

Am I paying for the billions of glossy paper flyer advertisements they send in the mail?
Or the commercials we see on television?
How about that custom cardboard signage and the pop-up displays throughout the store?
The cheesy plastic Loyalty cards we use to get discounts?
The plastic bags with their fancy logo printed on them?
That used magazine rack still in decent shape, sitting outside by the dumpster after the store underwent a remodel?

How much of my money is actually going into the cashier’s or stock-boy’s paycheck, or am I lining the already overflowing pockets of the CEO and his Board of Directors?

I don’t have a $2.5 billion dollar advertising budget like Coca-Cola Corp. (Or even a $40 million dollar marketing budget like Starbucks).

The few dollars of profit I make from each sale goes directly into our household funds – for buying milk, eggs, bread, and cat food.
For putting gas in the car. For a yearly trip to the vet. For phone and cable bills.
For taking my kids on a field trip to see Civil War re-enactments, get their faces painted, and eat funnel cakes.

Mia getting her face painted as a kitty cat.

Day at the Park, getting our faces painted like cats

And occasionally I’ll treat myself, as I did this past weekend, with a trip to Borders’ Going Out of Business Sale… where I picked up a 40% off copy of this book ~
The Art of Illumination, written by Patricia Carter

“The Art of Illumination” by Patricia Carter.

Because I wanted to learn a new artistic style, expand my repertoire, and bring in fresh ideas to my future paintings. I’m really excited to begin experimenting with some of these embellishments.

Also purchased: a pre-school reading book for Mia and Jacob, and an instructional book for Lydia on drawing human figures… which I’ll probably borrow, too. hehe

Your support enriches and blesses my family, and affords me the opportunity to continue raising my kids at home, while helping out in the community whenever I can.

For all my past customers, and future fans, I’m forever grateful, appreciative, humbled, flattered, and amazed!

Thank you for changing my life. :)


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    I love the Regency Cat painting and the Blessed Madonna one too. I’m so broke this year :(

    I just had to replace my side deck/stairs as it was a safety hazard and had to tell my tenants not to use it anymore until it was replaced. This has been one of the toughest years I’ve ever had to go through.

    I often wonder what would happen if the big corporations didn’t have advertising budgets, if the money would be spread around a little more.

    I really wish we lived closer together. I’d have you and your family over for a pot luck before the cooler weather begins.

    •    Reply

      A pot luck would be awesome! I could bring dessert(s)…. :D

      I totally understand… well, not totally, as you’re doing it all by yourself…. but each month, we cut back a little bit more. This month, when I decided to spend some money I’d earned on a couple of discounted art books (and that $40 piano from the neighbor’s garage sale!) – Joe dropped the bad news about our internet bill being overdue. Yay. So now I feel miserable for spending anything on myself. :P

      I like my Madonna Cat too. She won’t be going anywhere (until she sells)…. there are a couple of them that I’d like to find a good home, or get repurposed. The Regency Cat portrait was done on acrylic paper, so it wouldn’t be feasible to paint over that. :)

      It would be interesting to see how much would change if corporations were forced to market themselves on a shoestring budget. Many of them began that way… door-to-door salesmen, creative demos outside their stores, sign holders walking up and down the street…. hehe But when a company has hundreds of billions of dollars to spend, it’s inevitable they’ll buy bigger signs and do their demos on commerical spots.
      I had to choke a laugh when a Starbucks PR guy bragged about their small but effective marketing budget. $40 million is small?!

      Of course, I wouldn’t need a big budget if I could just get my butt into gear and promote myself non-stop. Perhaps when we get hungry enough, I will. LOL

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