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How Much is That Darcy in the Window?

Mr Darcy Cat art print framed sitting in Guten Tag gift shop window

The cat in the tux and cravat... So elegantly framed in his mat.

A short and sweet blog post!

I had a much longer post planned and half-written (you weren’t surprised, were you?)…. but as things have been rather hectic around the house lately.
Nothing super exciting ~ just extremely hot weather (105°F/40.6°C) and equally restless kids, but I haven’t been given much quiet time to compose my thoughts.

There a few projects I’m trying to wrap up this weekend… and will hopefully have some new (and amusing!) things to share with you next week.

My Warrior Maiden Cat is half-finished, and is shaping up to look like a cross between She-Ra and a Thundercat. Perhaps Princess Adora and Thundercats’ leader, Lion O, had a secret tryst? LOL

I’m also cooking up something really cute, inspired by Jim Henson’s Muppet characters… which is also roughly half-finished, and might make its debut in video form. ;)

But in the meantime, I wanted to share some photographs I took over the weekend at The Guten Tag gift shoppe, located in the Historic Town Center of Funkstown, Maryland.
My Facebook friends have already seen these, but for the rest of you…. here is a Flickr slide-show!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

I currently have some of my Regency Cat prints on display for sale in the gift shop, and on Friday I introduced a new line of bookmarks.
Yes, I’ll eventually get around to listing these in my Etsy shop… as they are a bit different from the bookmarks I currently have for sale. :)

Regency Cat bookmarks, Mr Darcy Cat, Red Coat Cat, Lizzy Bennet Cat

My new Regency Cat bookmarks, with ribbon and lace accents

The shoppe’s owner, Jessica Ness-Synder, and I also made holiday plans: I’ve decided to create a series of Christmas tree ornaments featuring characters from The Nutcracker ballet… as cats, naturally! ;)

I thought it would be fitting for Clara Cat and the feline Nutcracker Prince to battle an evil Mouse King! Bwahaha

They will most likely be created as original paintings, which I’ll then reproduce onto the ornaments…. multiple sets will be available to collect, for sale both online and via the Guten Tag.

Okay, the promo is over. You can uncover your eyes….
You’ll definitely want to watch the Muppet-inspired video coming soon!

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