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An Artist’s Life Unscripted… And Caught on Video


The video above was intended to document the time I spend in my art studio… ironically, I wound up with more footage of the children coloring than video of me getting work done. :P

My poor husband stood for almost an hour and a half, wedged into tight corners of the room, in order to film the entire scene… although I wish he had spent more time looking over my shoulder, recording my Persuasion painting in progress.

What he did manage to capture was the essence of our typical afternoons… trying to balance work and play, looking for ways to amuse them for 20 minutes so they’d leave my paint alone!!

I edited out the crying tantrum though! And I won’t even tell you who it was….
well maybe….
I considered creating an “Outtakes” video! Bwahaha

All the mischievous behaviour, caught on tape, that was left on the cutting room floor (digitally speaking)…


You think my days at home are like Disney fairy-tales, with singing animals, warm feelings, and sparkling rainbows everywhere?

Um, yeah… it’s amazing how easily I can paint a deceiving portrayal of my family with a highly condensed six-minute video.
But why spoil the illusion, heh?

Of course, my evening trips to the studio (those rare occasions when I’m allowed to sneak away) are more productive.
When Joe spoils them rotten keeps them occupied downstairs with movies, snacks, and video games.

Nevertheless, I wanted to preserve these memories of our time together…
this rosy-colored distortion of my family…
because I know how quickly it will pass.

Someday when I’m a proficient artist – and not a full-time babysitter/housewife/procrastinator…
I’ll have countless solitary hours to crank out masterpieces.

With no little hands reaching for my rinsing bowl, or my markers…

No curious minds wondering what these buttons on my expensive printer will do…

No little escape artists trying to climb out the window, to catch the cat on our porch roof….

No whining over who gets to use the step-stool, or sit in the padded office chair…

No more wasting time sketching Disney’s trademarked characters as anthro cats…

No more hanging scribbles on my wall…

I’ll have a studio space all to myself, and it will be empty without them.

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