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Special Print Giveaway For One Lucky Reader

Rainbow Fairy Black Cat Win a Print from TaraFly Art.
Guess what?! I’ve got something special to give away! :D

Just sit tight while I give you the back-story. (Or else, scroll to the bottom… yeesh!)

In an earlier blog post, I admitted that new technology can sometimes throw temper tantrums… or rather, I throw them while trying to figure everything out!
It’s painful to acknowledge that my mind isn’t as sharp and adaptable as it once was.

Joe brought a new computer home, and we reorganized the layout of our home network. The primary computer (and its accompanying desk) was relocated upstairs to my studio, and the new machine has arrogantly taken residence in the living room on a smaller corner desk.

All this switching around caused a bit of confusion for me, trying to access my files from the Network directory, instead of the default “My Pictures”.
And don’t get me started on the “walls” he installed to partition the storage of our old computer. Soooo not cool, honey. :P

But the worst was yet to come:
He upgraded some of the programs on the “new” studio computer, including the print managing program.

Ummmmm….. this is the program I use to determine my sizes, quality, page layout, etc. for all the prints I sell.

Suddenly, all the options looked …different. Some were re-named, others appeared to be missing entirely, replaced with new settings that I didn’t quite understand.
It took me some time to figure out why my colors were printing overly saturated… *gasp* the green was almost neon.
The dusty rose background on my Valentine Darcy and Lizzy prints looked like a 3rd degree sunburn!

After a bit of head bashing, bad-word muttering, and a few revenge fantasies… I fixed the colors and thought everything was, once again, under control.

Until this morning.

I received an order last night for a 5″ x 7″ print of “Second Star”… my fantasy piece depicting a tuxie cat sitting on a rooftop, wishing upon a star – not just any star, though. “The Second Star to the Right”, which guides dreamers to Neverland. And his dreams are being answered in the form of magical pixie dust, which swirls around him and transformed into a pair of fairy wings.
He is poised to take off from that rooftop, and soar into the night sky, off to find adventure!

This is the second recent order I’ve had for this particular print of my original acrylic painting, and I decided to use a sheet of matte photo paper that I had previously cropped in half. It measured approx 6.25″ x 8.25″.

With my former printing program, I can set the paper size to “User Defined” and my print would remain the size I specified.
However with this new program, it removed all other printing options except “full page”… forcing me to print a 6″ x 8″ image.

Feeling frustrated, I threw in a new sheet of standard 8.5″ x 11″ Ultra Premium Presentation photo paper, and printed a 5″ x 7″ to fill my customer’s order.
But what to do with this odd sized print?

It would be a pink elephant in my Etsy shop, and on my website… the only 6″ x 8″ in a crowd of 5″ x 7” prints.
Fortunately, frames can be found to fit this size! I was concerned at first, but a search on Google brought up many affordable Amazon listings among others.

But rather than sell it outright, I’d like to give this special print away with an order from one of my awesome customers!
If you’ve been sitting on that fence, now you have an even greater incentive to purchase art from me.

Black Pixie Cat on Rooftop Starry Sky painting by TaraFly.

This beautiful print is up for grabs!

Printed on archival quality matte photo paper, using an 8-ink process with steadfast pigment inks (which last substantially longer than water-based inkjet prints)… my 6″ x 8″ “Second Star” print has the same exceptional quality as everything in my shop.

This would make an adorable treat for yourself, or as a gift for someone else… at no cost to you!
So take advantage of my “mistake”… which will hopefully be “One of a Kind”. ;)

This is a First Come/First Serve Offer:

To receive this print:

Please comment here on my blog if you’re interested.
I want to give this free print to someone I know and interact here on my blog, Facebook, and/or Twitter…
where I know it will be loved and appreciated. :)

The first person to comment here, and then make a purchase on my Etsy shop over the weekend, will get this baby!
Any purchase, at any price point – even $5.00 ACEO mini-prints, will qualify! :)

Thanks guys! I appreciate your support… even when you’re laughing at me! *wink*


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    hey Tara! I fell here cos of a comment you left on the mikelee site. In all honesty I felt there was a balance about your comment that I feel is a tad lacking in her comments. Anyway… thing is, recently after a 20 year absence, Ive taken up trying to paint and draw myself. I know Im no where near as good as people like you, but Im trying to make a few connections on line with people who seem to have much more confidence than I do and know what theyre doing, cos Im trying to learn. So Im here to say I love that picture and although theres probably someone around much more worthy of it…. just saying I think its fab!
    Hugs Daf xxxx

    •    Reply

      Thanks for stopping by, Daf, and for the compliments!
      They’re always appreciated. ;)

      After following her blog for a couple months, the novelty is beginning to wear off… and I started thinking about how this might impact her family. It’s only natural to gripe and complain about terrible circumstances, but the internet has a way of coming back to bite us later.

      Anyway….. connecting with other artists is a perfect way to develop yourself and find direction, although take confidence with a grain of salt. ;) The most talented artists I know have doubts.

      If you’re on Facebook, might I suggest hooking up? Because I can suggest other artist friends for you to follow. :)

      Jessica Doyle’s blog is a great motivation too!

      Take care,

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