Painting Cats in Clothes Inspired by Literature

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Cat Art for Literary People

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person who keeps company with cats cannot be considered sane.


Flying Monkey Cats

Flying Monkey Cat Art

Cowardly Lion

Cowardly Lion Cat Art by TaraFly. Wizard of Oz Cats

Mrs Bennet Cat

Mrs Bennet Cat, TaraFlyArt

Tin Cat

Tin Cat, art by TaraFly. Wizard of Oz Cats


Margot, Flapper Cat Portrait by Tara Fly.

Rhett Butler Cat

Rhett Butler Cat art portrait by TaraFly.

Catherine Parr

Catherine Parr, Tudor Queen Cat Art by TaraFly

Catherine Howard

Catherine Howard Cat Portrait by Tara Fly

The calendars have arrived! Watch the “Unboxing” video above to see all the details.

Thanks to my amazing fans, who pledged over $1,300 on Kickstarter, I will be publishing the 2016 Literary Cats calendar! =^,,^=

Calendars are available to purchase:
~ from my website (HERE)
~ from my Etsy shop (HERE)

These are Limited Edition calendars, signed and numbered by me, featuring twelve of my original cat paintings. Quantities will be very limited once I’ve fulfilled Kickstarter orders, so order your calendars today!

Rabbit Hole Artist Collective

78Tarot Nautical

78Tarot Deck Nautical Artist Collaboration

This ocean themed deck features the creative talents of 80 artists worldwide, including: Amy Brown, Selina Fenech, Stephanie Law, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Larry Elmore, Meredith Dillman, Tiffany Toland-Scott, and many more…. including me!

“The main fuel behind this incredible project is that we are all friends! Some of us have known one another for over a decade online, as fellow freelance artists.” ~ Kayti Welsh, Founder & Director

78Tarot’s website ~ 78Tarot on Facebook ~ 78Tarot on YouTube ~ 78Tarot on Instagram ~ Purchase the deck on Etsy!


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Goth Cat Portrait, TaraFly Art

Beautiful artwork! Cards are excellent quality. Fast shipping and great communication. I love TaraFlyArt!

Sue Billings

Regency Cat Ladies Gossiping

The cats prints are adorable! Very happy to add these to my collection!

Jessica Doyle (artist), Jessica Doyle on Etsy

African Cat Greeting Card by Tara Fly

What wonderful surprise on a snowy day to find your marvelous cats in my mailbox!


Mr Darcy Cat

I am just giddy over this wonderful print! He's already in a frame, hanging on the wall. Fast shipping and carefully packaged. Thank you so much! :)

Brooke, Brookish on Etsy

Redcoat Cat Bookmark

So grateful that I found these [cat bookmarks], I only got them this morning and handed them out to friends; they laughed, they loved them, the detail, the charm. Once again SO happy I found TaraFlyArt!!


Barnabus Scholar Cat Reading Book

These are adorable! I've been giving them away to the kids as gifts.

Denise, teacher

Catherine of Aragon, Tudor Cats, by Tara Fly Art

Obsessed! These paintings are so unique and exactly what I needed in my life!


Flower Calico Cat Portrait by TaraFly

I bought this for a friend of mine... she loved it. She screamed and laughed so hard until she cried out of sheer joy! After leaving her house, I received a Snapchat of the picture on her wall.


Mr Bennet Cat Reading Novel bookmark

In a reading world turning more to e-books, it's nice to find an artist creating bookmarks for the "print" reader. The quote on the back was an unexpected bonus.


Mr Darcy Cat magnet

I highly recommend TaraFly, she is in my top 3 favorite places to shop on Etsy!


Phantom of the Opera Cat

Amazing artwork!!! A great piece for any cat lover and/or Phantom fan!


Druid Priestess Cat by TaraFly

A Druid Priestess Cat for the Rabbits

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Painting a Victorian cat portrait in black & white.

Literary Cats Calendars and November Art

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