Painting Cats in Clothes Inspired by Literature

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Cat Art for Literary People

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person who keeps company with cats cannot be considered sane.


Dorothy Gale Cat

Dorothy Gale Cat Art by TaraFly, Wizard of Oz Cats

Phantom Cat

Phantom of the Opera Cat

Jay Gatsby

Jay Gatsby Cat, portrait by TaraFly.

Wicked Witch of the West Cat

Wicked Witch of the West Cat Art by Tara Fly.

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Cat Art by TaraFly

Literary Scout

Literary Cat Reading Book Art by TaraFly

Mad Hatter Cat

Mad Hatter Cat Art by TaraFly.

Regency Gossips

Gossiping Cats, art by TaraFly
Goth Cat Portrait, TaraFly Art

Beautiful artwork! Cards are excellent quality. Fast shipping and great communication. I love TaraFlyArt!

Sue Billings

Regency Cat Ladies Gossiping

The cats prints are adorable! Very happy to add these to my collection!

Jessica Doyle (artist), Jessica Doyle on Etsy

African Cat Greeting Card by Tara Fly

What wonderful surprise on a snowy day to find your marvelous cats in my mailbox!


Mr Darcy Cat

I am just giddy over this wonderful print! He's already in a frame, hanging on the wall. Fast shipping and carefully packaged. Thank you so much! :)

Brooke, Brookish on Etsy

Redcoat Cat Bookmark

So grateful that I found these [cat bookmarks], I only got them this morning and handed them out to friends; they laughed, they loved them, the detail, the charm. Once again SO happy I found TaraFlyArt!!


Barnabus Scholar Cat Reading Book

These are adorable! I've been giving them away to the kids as gifts.

Denise, teacher

Catherine of Aragon, Tudor Cats, by Tara Fly Art

Obsessed! These paintings are so unique and exactly what I needed in my life!


Flower Calico Cat Portrait by TaraFly

I bought this for a friend of mine... she loved it. She screamed and laughed so hard until she cried out of sheer joy! After leaving her house, I received a Snapchat of the picture on her wall.


Mr Darcy Cat magnet

I highly recommend TaraFly, she is in my top 3 favorite places to shop on Etsy!


Phantom of the Opera Cat

Amazing artwork!!! A great piece for any cat lover and/or Phantom fan!


Rabbit Hole Artist Collective

Rabbit Hole Artist Collective

The Rabbit Hole Collective was founded on Facebook in 2013, and has 24 active members from all over the world. We participate in bi-monthly themed art auctions, creating pieces specifically for each auction.

~ Rabbit Hole Members ~

Becca TurnerCarrie HawksCora CrimsonDeanna DavoliEnys GuerreroHeather BrutonJanna ProsvirinaJenga GarciaJessica DouglasKaterina KoukiotisKyra WilsonLori KarelsMaigan LynnManuel Da Cunha VegaMartin Woodhead Meredith Dillman Monika JasnauskaiteMonika Ptok-ByardNoa IllustracionRegan KubecekSharon HurstTanya RossTara FlyTiffany Toland-Scott

78Tarot Nautical

78Tarot Deck Nautical Artist Collaboration

This ocean themed deck features the creative talents of 80 artists worldwide, including: Amy Brown, Selina Fenech, Stephanie Law, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Larry Elmore, Meredith Dillman, Tiffany Toland-Scott, and many more…. including me!

“The main fuel behind this incredible project is that we are all friends! Some of us have known one another for over a decade online, as fellow freelance artists.” ~ Kayti Welsh, Founder & Director

78Tarot Artists

Alexandra V Bach • Alexandria Sandlin • Alex Garant • Amy Brown • Anastasia Smith • Anja Uhren • Ash Evans • Becca Turner • Ben Larsen • BK Lusk • Brenda Lyons • Brenda Saydak • Brynn Elizabeth • Carla Morrow • Carrie Hawks • Chelle Destefano • Daniel Steven Marconyak • David Van Gough • Deanna Bach-Talsma • Deanna Davoli • Deidre Morton/ Peemonster • Delphine Levesque Demers • Edit Farkas • Eli Neugeboren • Ellen Million • Ellen Wilberg • Enys Guerrero • Faye Osman • Gila Von Meissner • Helena Reis • Helmut “Poul” Dohle • Holly Broxson • James Priest • Jasmine Becket-Griffith • Jayde Hilliard-Simpson • Jenga • Jessica Douglas • Joanna Mukerji Nelson • Jodi Horne • Krisgoat • Larry Elmore • Lily Buth • Lindsay Cheesewright • Lindy van den Bosch • Luca Feredici C • Maigan Lynn • Marlana Adele Vassar • Mary Layton • Megan Buccere • Melanie Starr • Meredith Dillman • Michael Banks / Sugar Fueled • Misty Benson • Molly Harrison • Monika Ptok-Byard • Natalia Pierandrei • Patricia Ariel • Pierre Carles • Raheli Starr • Ralf Straaberg • Regan Kubecek • Santanu Hazarika • Sarah Lau • Selina Fenech • Shana Cinquegrana • Shelby Nichols • So Ma • Stanley Morrison • Stefania Russo • Stephanie Pui-Mun Law • Stephanie Sturm • Svetlana Ava • Tammy Mae Moon • Tammy Pryce • Tanya Bond • Tanya Ross • Tara Fly • Tiffany Toland-Scott • Travis Anthony Soumis • Zindy S. D. Nielsen

78Tarot’s website ~ 78Tarot on Facebook ~ 78Tarot on YouTube ~ 78Tarot on Instagram ~ Purchase the deck on Etsy!

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